Wolf Herring/ 西刀鱼/ Parang Block (250-300gm)
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This fish is also known as 'Sai Dou' in Cantonese and 'Ikan Parang' in Malay.

It is a fish with many tiny bones, and hence, takes skills to handle. Wolf Herring is the most popular type of fish to be made into Fish Balls and fish paste. It gives the Fish Ball a fairly “bouncy” texture and the silky texture of the fish is excellent for deep frying as well.

西刀鱼它体侧扁而狭长,背缘近平直;腹缘尖但无棱鳞,外观壮似短刀。 它肉质非常软嫩,但多刺,且刺长而韧,多刺的鱼儿也总是比较美味。 西刀渔适合煎,煎得外焦里嫩,味道十分鲜美 ,也适合做成鱼丸和鱼滑。

These are wild-caught fishes! 野生捕获

All fishes are clean and gutted, then vacuum-packed to ensure freshness and quality! 

Gutting, Scaling & Cleaning reduces gross weight by 10-20%.

由于已经去除鳞片,内脏及清洁,重量减少约10 -20%

100% Natural & Preservatives Free / 100%天然& 绝无防腐